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This site was built by a Chaperone for one of the groups going.  The info was written for that group.  The info here may not apply to you and your group's plans, but all the information, schedule, tips, etc. is posted for everyone to use.   Please feel free to use, copy, print any information listed here to help better your Disney trip experience. 

Any "NEW" super important news that gets added to this site will be highlighted.

 As you know, we are heading into Disneyland on one of the busiest weekends of the year. Memorial day weekend is typically the start of the summer season.  It's also a holiday weekend.   And if that wasn't enough going on and to add to this already over crowded weekend, it's the kick-off, May 22nd, of Disney's 60th year "Diamond Celebration". The crowd level will be 10+ of 10, if that's possible. But here's some good news (maybe), Disneyland will be open 24 hours from Friday (22nd) 6am to Saturday(23rd) 6am. As of this writing, we are not sure that our tickets will be honored for the 24 hour opening. Why?  We all purchased our tickets before they announced the 24 hour Friday and we got a group rate ticket.  Which may be why we don't get an early entry.  We will check into this and any changes will posted here and be highlighted.  According to Disneyland blog, Disney says "all regular purchased tickets will be a 24 hr ticket."  Both parks will open at 6am.    Mrs. Gimba wrote up an itinerary before the 24 hr day was announced.  So some small timeline changes may happen for Friday 22nd, such as entry time and "lights out" time.  We will keep you posted.

What to Expect:  Crowds will be massive.  It will be crazy.  People will start to line up the day or night before.  With the parks opening up early, the crowd will gather early.  We would potentially like to be in line as early as possible.  So expect to up and going early on Friday.  So please be responsible to get to bed early on Thursday night.  The most important time in either park, is the first 5 hours.   With crowds being so big, the FASTPASS system will run out early in the day.  So you have to be ready to go as early as possible.  Everyone has a group meeting by the pool at 9:30pm and I would advise heading to bed shortly after.  Many of you have never been to Disneyland.  And we want you to have to best time ever, which may hard due to the crowds, but the first thing everyone needs to be is well rested and ready to go early.  Since the parks open at 6am on Friday, we might want to be in line at 5am.  Trust me when I say, there will be a giant crowd already formed way before 5am.  But if we don't get even this little jump into the day, it would be like entering the parks at 10 or 11 am on a normal day.  And that would mean 1-2 hour wait times for just 1 ride and potential FASTPASSes might be all gone by the time to get one.  We don't want to wait 1-2 hours in a FASTPASS line only to find out that when you get up close to the booth, it runs out.  We don't want this to happen.   So, you can expect lines.  Waiting in lines.  But I'm hoping that a planning ahead can save us some time.  Many of you have never been to Disneyland,  and some of you are old pros to the parks.  But everyone is getting some "new" treats this time around.  Here's just some updates that are being done just for the 60th year celebration: Matterhorn finally has new sleds, Indiana Jones has new effects, Peter Pan's ride updated, new feature in the Haunted Mansion and more.   Because of the 60 year celebration, many of the rides are closed right now for upgrades.  And you will get to be some of the first people on the planet to see these and experience the new nightly events. 

Advice, warnings & preparedness:  Everyone in the group should have a daily schedule either on their phone or printed and on their person.  And I would advise everyone to actually study both park maps and get a feel for where the group will heading.  So just in case you get separated from the group, you'll know where to go or direction everyone is headed.  But don't worry, we won't leave anyone behind (plus you need to stay with your "buddy").  You'll notice that we walk all across the park(s) without what would seem, "a plan", but you need to focus on popular rides first, parades, and time of day, in order to maximize your time.  You'll think that you're missing stuff, but you'll have time later to see the parks and shops.  

Cell phones charged!!  If you have an extra battery of external charger, you might bring it if you think you'll need one.  Also, if you do use your cell phone for pics and video, do you have enough space?  There's no time during the day in the park to charge.  So try and plan your battery usage accordingly. 

Water bottle a must.  Bring an empty one so you can refill it often.  We don't know what the weather will be, but more likely, a lot warmer than we will used to.  Follow Mrs. Gimba's list of "What to bring".   Here's a list of other helpful items to consider (but not necessary): http://www.disneytouristblog.com/what-to-pack-for-disney/ .  There's 2 rides that you can get entirely wet on.  Grizzly River Run and Splash Mt.  I've been on both where I've been a little wet to totally soaked.  So, depending on you, you may want to bring a couple throw away ponchos.  Your choice.  But you've been warned.  I wouldn't recommend either ride right before a performance or work shop.  Hand sanitizer.  

Did I say it was going to be crowded?  Try and keep your personal belongings close to you at all times.  If carrying a purse, wear it cross body, etc.  Backpacks shouldn't have phones or cameras in the side pouch for an easy grab.  Just be mindful of your personal space and your belongings.  And with that, it might be, at times, elbow to elbow.  So if you have any anxieties about being in a crowd, please let someone know now. 

Oh!!!  One more thing.  Do you get motion sickness?  If you do, you should let your chaperone know.  Also, check with your parents and Mrs. Gimba on the use of Dramamine.  Or other motion sickness medication.  Or if you choose, you can always carry a few doggie poop bags just in case you.....puke.  I know it sounds gross.  But "if", heaven fore bid, you did throw-up, would you rather throw up on the person next to you, in front of you, in the ride car, on the ground, or in a bag?  With that said, the rides at Disney aren't that bad.  The worse ride for me is Star Tours.  And the funny is, you never move more than 3'.  It's a visual ride.  So if I feel a little nauseous, I just close my eyes.   Again, not to scare anyone, the rides aren't that bad.  Only you know you own limits. 

Each day, you'll be exhausted.  And I would hope that everyone plans on getting a good nights sleep.  Because it all starts over again early the next day.  The original plan was to do DCA on Friday and Disneyland on Saturday and Sunday is the day when we get to re-ride some favorite rides and actually "SEE" the parks.  Take pictures, shop, etc.  It's more relaxed and less rush.  But, with the so much happening on Friday and the park will be extra crowded, the plan now is too ride "some" rides on Friday, see the World of Color, Aladdin play (We know many have seen this already, but many people have never been to Disneyland), On this day, you can either follow your chaperone or if it's ok with them, wonder about freely but staying in the same park and doing check-ins.

Information You Can Use:



Park Hours:

  • Friday - 6am to 6am (24hrs)
  • Saturday - TBA
  • Sunday - TBA


  • Diamond Celebration in May 60th year celebrations starts MAY 22!!!!   During the Diamond Celebration, Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland and Carthay Circle Theatre in Disney California Adventure will glisten and gleam, each with its own diamond medallion featuring the letter “D.” The entire resort will sparkle with Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration décor and festive banners in shades of Disneyland blue.    

  • New Fireworks show, “Disneyland Forever" with projections at various locations in Disneyland.  The projections are different in each location.  (I read that the areas that would have projections were Main Street, Matterhorn, It's a Small World & Tom Sawyer's Island.  Don't hold me to this.)  They will have special new lights in the streets (Main street).

  • ‘PAINT THE NIGHT “ new LED parade in Disneyland park starts May 22nd!  Runs about 20-22 mins.

  • Fantasmic! Is now a FASTPASS (Get them early, as they will run out quickly!!  You can get FASTPASS by the Big Mt Railroad). 22 mins long + getting your spot to view (they now allow. Show times are (may change): 8:45pm & 10:45 and if 3rd show, 11:45pm . Plan to get in line as soon as it opens one hour before show time.  Actual show times TBA.

  • World of Color has upgrades and starts MAY 22!!! with Neil Patrick Harris as host . This is a FASTPASS show, so the FASTPASS early before they run out. 28 mins long + wait.  FASTPASS can be found over by Grizzly River Run.   Show times:  (Usually at 9:00, 10:15 pm and 11:15 pm if added.). Actual show times TBA.

  • Aladdin in DCA. Times TBA.  There's usually 4 shows a day.  These are the times posted now and might stay these times:12:40, 2:20,4:45 & 6;20pm.

  • Starting May 22, Mad T Party Band performs. Probably Hollywood backlot. Looks entertaining.   Videos: "Treasure" , Alice Raps Show times TBA

Thursday 21st:

After we arrive at the hotel, plan on getting some food, if hungry.  Plan to be at 9:30 group meeting at the pool area. And the best plan after that would be to get to bed early, and depending on your chaperone,  wake up time may be very early.  Gates open at 6am Friday morning and there will be a giant crowd waiting to get in and it will take some time to check everyone in.  So the earlier your group can agree on a time to leave (not waking up) the hotel, the better your day might be.

Friday 22nd:

These plans are taken from http://touringplans.com/disneyland-resort/touring-plans/personalized and altered a little to fit what might seem a little better.  Chaperones can use this site to create their own plans if they so choose.   The information listed below is for our group, but feel free to follow it if you want. 

1. Today the MHS Choir performance is in DCA (Disney California Adventure map) Hollywood Backlot Stage.  The whole setup time (from getting dressed and prep) for this performance may take 90-120 mins.  Time of performance is very important in making a plan and we won't know the actual time until 3 weeks before we leave.  So this plan is more likely to change!!  So check back 2-3 weeks before the trip.

2. Whole group meets to watch a Disney show.  Time and show TBA (to be announced).


Saturday 23rd

1. There's a 90 min Disney Performing Arts "Soundtrack Session" Vocal Workshop this day.  Not sure the location for this and of course, the time won't be announced until 3 weeks before our trip.  Again, the schedule will change.   So check back 2-3 weeks before the trip.

2. Whole group meets to watch a Disney show.  Time and show TBA (to be announced).


Sunday 24th

1.  Whole group meets to watch a Disney show.  Time and show TBA (to be announced).

2. Gold group should be packed and ready to go at 6:30am Monday morning.  This means being responsible Sunday night to make sure you are ready and get a good night sleep.  Most of you will probably be getting up around 5am.  Bathroom times should be limited, so if you need to shower, etc., you might consider doing it before bed to save time in the morning.  


Monday 25th

For the Gold group, we have a VERY EARLY HOTEL DEPARTURE = 6:30am. 

For Maroon group, you have a 11:45am hotel departure.